[x3d-public] Removal of Layout component in X3D v4

Holger Seelig holger.seelig at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 8 00:45:04 PDT 2019

I don't see why the Layout component should be removed in the new X3D v4 
standard. It is fully implemented in X_ITE and Titania, and Titania has 
a nice Layout Editor, which makes the use of this component very easy. 
With the Layout component it is possible to place something in a corner 
or edge of the screen, or make something as large as the screen. 
Removing this component will removing these possibilities.

I think a better candidate of removing a component is the DIS component. 
It is a component for purely military use, which I think has nothing to 
do with X3D standard. The only purpose of this component is to play war 
like in Counter-Strike, and to model war simulations for the army, which 
is not my intention.

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