[x3d-public] Three.js Loader for the X3D format.

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 19:36:06 PDT 2019

There’s a  very primitive integration of X3D JSON into three-x3d-loader mentioned here:


Note that three-x3d-loader loads VRML (via Three.js VRMLLoader) and also converts X3D XML (and now X3D JSON) to proprietary JSON for loading.

I believe that X3JSONLD has a three-x3d-loader/renderer with my modifications.  It needs improvement.

We seem to fall upon this every year or so, but no one does anything about it.  Nobody has modified it for a year or so.

I have placed an arrow on the three-x3d-loader rendered canvas below pointing at the white blob below.

I think your best bet is to use the VRMLLoader found in Three.js: https://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_loader_vrml and not touch three-x3d-loader.

I have spoken with the author about using X3D JSON instead of his/her JSON, but nothing has been done.  We probably need a JSON -> VRML converter written in JavaScript.  X3DJSAIL is probably a good start at this.  We need to convert various parts of X3DJSAIL to JavaScript/TiypeScript via TeaVM, Cheerpj, or JSweet, perhaps.

Answer: Don’t go here with JSON and XML.  Encourage author to support more of the X3D standard beyond what Three.js already provides.

The package essentially loads an X3DLoader into THREE space.

So I would call it a VRML Loader and a XML to JSON (not X3D JSON) converter.  I have not really tested the X3D JSON -> JSON converter extensively.


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Wondering if anyone had used this, and whether to include it in X3D Resources.

	dividab/three-x3d-loader - Three.js Loader for the X3D format.

All information sharing welcome, am happy to keep adding relevant links online

	X3D Resources

all the best, Don
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