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I was referring to the VRMLLoader in Three.js.  I don’t put a version on it, so if one rebuilds X3DJSONLD, one should get the most recent version of Three.js.

Don doesn’t mention a VRMLLoader at all.

I agree that support for X3D XML and X3D JSON is limited in the version I forked.

I hope that clears things up.

I think we would be better suited to port X3DOM or X_ITE to Three.js, but that’s a lot of work too.

Do we need a second VRML loader which meets the X3Dv4 standard?  This might be where we could put in effort effectively.

What’s the task here?  I don’t thing that the three-x3d-loader Don found (again) suitably matches the XML or JSON X3D standards. It’s more like someone’s experiment rather than a comprehensive effort.


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John mentions an older, primitive x3d/vrml-loader. It is different
from the one Don found which is also very primitive.

Looking at github, Don's supports Transform, geometry primitives and
IFS, color appearance and Imagetexture. That's about it.

It still could be useful.


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> There?s a  very primitive integration of X3D JSON into three-x3d-loader mentioned here:
> http://web3d.org/pipermail/x3d-public_web3d.org/2017-April/006340.html
> Note that three-x3d-loader loads VRML (via Three.js VRMLLoader) and also converts X3D XML (and now X3D JSON) to proprietary JSON for loading.
> I believe that X3JSONLD has a three-x3d-loader/renderer with my modifications.  It needs improvement.
> We seem to fall upon this every year or so, but no one does anything about it.  Nobody has modified it for a year or so.
> I have placed an arrow on the three-x3d-loader rendered canvas below pointing at the white blob below.
> I think your best bet is to use the VRMLLoader found in Three.js: https://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_loader_vrml and not touch three-x3d-loader.
> I have spoken with the author about using X3D JSON instead of his/her JSON, but nothing has been done.  We probably need a JSON -> VRML converter written in JavaScript.  X3DJSAIL is probably a good start at this.  We need to convert various parts of X3DJSAIL to JavaScript/TiypeScript via TeaVM, Cheerpj, or JSweet, perhaps.
> Answer: Don?t go here with JSON and XML.  Encourage author to support more of the X3D standard beyond what Three.js already provides.
> The package essentially loads an X3DLoader into THREE space.
> So I would call it a VRML Loader and a XML to JSON (not X3D JSON) converter.  I have not really tested the X3D JSON -> JSON converter extensively.
> John
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> From: Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV)
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> To: X3D Graphics public mailing list
> Subject: [x3d-public] Three.js Loader for the X3D format.
> Wondering if anyone had used this, and whether to include it in X3D Resources.
>         dividab/three-x3d-loader - Three.js Loader for the X3D format.
>         https://github.com/dividab/three-x3d-loader
> All information sharing welcome, am happy to keep adding relevant links online
>         X3D Resources
>         https://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dResources.html
> all the best, Don
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