[x3d-public] X3D Working Group minutes 28 OCT 2019: X3Dv4 issues review, editor comments

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 03:21:51 PDT 2019

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) <brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:
> > 2. *Carryover issue: material, textures, lighting*>
> >> a. Good discussion on interplay between materials and textures is occurring on both the X3DOM and X_ITE mailing lists.  [...]
> >>
> >> * X3DOM conversation
> >>     https://github.com/x3dom/x3dom/issues/993
> >>
> >> * X_ITE conversation
> >>     https://github.com/create3000/x_ite/issues/50
> >
> > Is this driving to closure satisfactorily? Are precise changes expected for X3Dv4?
> >
> > The X3D Architecture Specification must have consistent rendering well defined.  This is critical path forward, the X3D Working Group will refine or amend the X3Dv4 specification as needed to ensure consistent results.  This is a primary feature of X3D, especially for archival publication and sharing of models.
> >
> > Getting X3D Appearance of materials and texture unambiguously defined and consistently implemented is very important, especially in preparation for addition of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and correspondingly advanced lighting model to X3Dv4.
> Hi *Michalis* are you ready for an editing session together?  Hope so...
> (We sent a tentative invite for next Tuesday 0900 Pacific but can adjust to fit your schedule)

Yes, this time works for me. See you then!

Note that the reports you mentioned (from X_ITE and X3DOM) here are
about making mixing RGB textures with materials. These are not
strictly related to PBR (although we of course want to keep things
consistent in both classic Material and PBR PhysicalMaterial). My
specification draft to address the issue of mixing textures +
materials is on
, in particular there's a section "Exact equations change". Review of
them is most welcome.


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