[x3d-public] New Work Statement -- X3D Scenegraph to SemanticDescriptionandback. Semantics to Animation

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 17:46:12 PDT 2019

It appears like these two tasks (1,2)

1.  Translate sign language/signwriting/movementwriting to virtual worlds.

2. Translate virtual worlds into books (bibles) for deaf people.

Can be solved by doing the following tasks (3,4)

3. Translate sign languages/signwriting/movementwriting to and from semantics

could be better done by a programming language for deaf people, or converted to a standard programming language from a signing programming language.


Scratch Jr, Scratch Blocks, Blockly.   The idea is to use deaf understandable icons as part of the programming language instead of text.  I18N and L10N will be a big part of this part of the development.

4. Translate X3D scenegraphs to and from semantics

would probably be better done by existing X3D semantics working group personnel.

The question is, can we make the semantics in task 3 agree with the semantics in task 4?

What do you think?

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