[x3d-public] [Semantics] X3D Semantic Web agenda, 23 SEP 2019: new X3D Ontologypage

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I’d like to discuss potential domain-specific ontologies and domain-specific knowledge bases, or “applications of X3D” we might work with, whether it’s CAD, Medical, Heritage, … the domain applications of X3D--what are the semantic ontologies and knowledge bases available for them that we are going to do mappings to and from X3D ontologies and X3D knowledge bases.

Generally, I’m interested in mappings and translations (alignment?) between Ontologies and Knowledge Bases of any kind.

I’m interested in SPARQL CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE queries, if those are the mappings and translations we are using.



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Hoping to resume our regular Monday meeting tempo.

/The X3D Semantic Web Working Group mission is to publish models to the Web using X3D in order to best gain Web interoperability and enable intelligent 3D applications, feature-based 3D model querying, and reasoning over 3D scenes/.

Discussion topics:
- draft paper
- review new X3D Ontology website page, what additions are needed?
- recent ontology refactoring
- more SPARQL queries needed
- questions and next steps


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