Insert the following text as a new item b after item a and renumber remaining items:

  1. “version of the standard being supported (for this version of this part of ISO/IEC 19775, the version number is "3.1");”

Replace items d, e, and f with the following text:

  1. MPEG-4 interactive (see D MPEG-4 interactive profile)
  2. Immersive (see E Immersive profile),
  3. Full (see F Full profile), and
  4. CADInterchange (see H CAD interchange profile).

Insert the following new paragraph after the list:

“The profile name is implicitly qualified by the version number of the standard (see Header statement). Browsers shall use both the profile name and the version number to determine the specific characteristics of the profile.”

Insert the following text as the 2nd paragraph and hyperlink the reference:

“Declaring a component in a file shall only add support for nodes and functionality defined in that component at the requested support level.
Nodes that are defined as part of the prerequisite components (see 4.5.3 Base Components) shall not be automatically included. A user shall declare all components and levels for the nodes and/or functionality being used either explicitly through the use of the COMPONENT statement or implicitly through the PROFILE statement.”