Table 18.1

In the HTML, change the hyperlink for 18.5 to "#SupportLevels".


Correct the hyperlink for PixelTexture from "#MultiTextureTransform" to "#PixelTexture".


Insert the following new subclause:

18.2.5 Programmable shaders

If a programmable shader is defined for the Appearance node containing textures, texture mapping shall be disabled. Textures defined shall be considered as sources of input and/or output for a programmable shader. See Per-object attributes for details on how to map textures to shader program inputs.”


Remove this subclause and its associated entry in Table 18.1.

18.4.2, Node signature

Move the specification for the resumeTime field to follow the specification for the pauseTime field.

18.4.3, 2nd paragraph

Replace the text "MovieTexture, and MultiTexture" in the parenthetical expression with "and MovieTexture".

18.4.3, 4th paragraph

Replace with the following text:

'The mode field controls the type of blending operation. The available modes include MODULATE for a lit Appearance, REPLACE for an unlit Appearance, and several variations of the two. The mode field may contain  an additional Blending mode for the alpha channel.

EXAMPLE  The mode value "MODULATE,REPLACE" specifies Color = (Arg1.color × Arg2.color, Arg1.alpha).

The number of used texture stages is determined by the length of the texture field. If there are fewer mode values, the default mode is "MODULATE".'

Remove the last two paragraphs.

18.4.4, 3rd paragraph

Replace with the following text:

“If using a MultiTexture node with a geometry node without a MultiTextureTransform node, identity matrices are assumed for all channels. If there are too few entries in the textureTransform field, identity matrices shall be used for all remaining undefined channels.”

18.4.4, Example

Replace "MultiTextureCoord" with "MultiTextureCoordinate".

18.4.9, Node declaration

Replace the first line of the node declaration with:

"TextureTransform : X3DTextureTransformNode {"


In the HTML, change the bookmark for 18.5 to "SupportLevels".