[Korea-chapter] [X3D] minutes from Web3D Korea chapter meeting

Alan Hudson giles at yumetech.com
Mon Dec 7 08:17:32 PST 2009

Don Brutzman wrote:
> 1.  We had a very productive meeting of the Web3D Korea chapter
> in Seoul Korea, Monday 7 December
> Attendees:
>     Dr. Myeong Won Lee, Suwon University, Chapter organizer
>     Dr. Kwanhee Yoo, Chungbuk National University
>     Dr. Hae-Jimn Kim, Korea Standards Association (KSA) and
>         ___ University
>     Dr. Gun Lee, Electronics and Telecommunication Research
>         Institute (ETRI)
>     Dr. Byounghyun Yoo, MIT Singapore Alliance
>     Pranveer Singh, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
>         Technology (KAIST)
>     ___, Chapter secretary
>     Dr. Don Brutzman, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and
>         member Web3D Consortium Board of Directors (BoD)
> Minutes recorded by myself with periodic detailed review by the group.
> 2.  Units proposal, Myeong Won Lee
> Dr. Lee showed her classic example with a bacterium and a larger
> cell, demonstrated in her Units browser.  This showed that the
> concepts can work satisfactorily.  The video of the demo will be
> placed online in the Korea Chapter document directory.
> Sh has also made an X3D schema extension to validate the new construct,
> tested in Eclipse and X3D-Edit.
> There are 2 approaches to Unit grammar checks, details shown in slides.
> The second approach, which explicitly declares each type of unit (rather
> than multiple name and value pairs) seems preferable since it will enable
> X3D DTD or Schema checking of valid content.

I don't see how specifying a unit name and conversionFactor is any 
easier to validate then specifying an enumeration value for a unit. 
Both can be validated by a schema.

We want some way to specify an arbitrary units conversion instead of 
enunciating everything.

How about 2 ways to specify this.  One that uses an enum and one that 
use an arbitrary conversion.  That way we can convert content from other 
languages that have arbitrary conversions easily.

Just a rough concept here

FLEXIBLE_UNITS Inches 0.0254

Maybe something like that?

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