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Are there not multiple examples of precedent for the units problem?  Did 
SEDRIS address this challenge?



Alan Hudson wrote:
> Don Brutzman wrote:
>> 1.  We had a very productive meeting of the Web3D Korea chapter
>> in Seoul Korea, Monday 7 December
>> Attendees:
>>     Dr. Myeong Won Lee, Suwon University, Chapter organizer
>>     Dr. Kwanhee Yoo, Chungbuk National University
>>     Dr. Hae-Jimn Kim, Korea Standards Association (KSA) and
>>         ___ University
>>     Dr. Gun Lee, Electronics and Telecommunication Research
>>         Institute (ETRI)
>>     Dr. Byounghyun Yoo, MIT Singapore Alliance
>>     Pranveer Singh, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
>>         Technology (KAIST)
>>     ___, Chapter secretary
>>     Dr. Don Brutzman, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and
>>         member Web3D Consortium Board of Directors (BoD)
>> Minutes recorded by myself with periodic detailed review by the group.
>> 2.  Units proposal, Myeong Won Lee
>> Dr. Lee showed her classic example with a bacterium and a larger
>> cell, demonstrated in her Units browser.  This showed that the
>> concepts can work satisfactorily.  The video of the demo will be
>> placed online in the Korea Chapter document directory.
>> Sh has also made an X3D schema extension to validate the new construct,
>> tested in Eclipse and X3D-Edit.
>> There are 2 approaches to Unit grammar checks, details shown in slides.
>> The second approach, which explicitly declares each type of unit (rather
>> than multiple name and value pairs) seems preferable since it will 
>> enable
>> X3D DTD or Schema checking of valid content.
> I don't see how specifying a unit name and conversionFactor is any 
> easier to validate then specifying an enumeration value for a unit. 
> Both can be validated by a schema.
> We want some way to specify an arbitrary units conversion instead of 
> enunciating everything.
> How about 2 ways to specify this.  One that uses an enum and one that 
> use an arbitrary conversion.  That way we can convert content from 
> other languages that have arbitrary conversions easily.
> Just a rough concept here
> FLEXIBLE_UNITS Inches 0.0254
> Maybe something like that?
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