[Korea-chapter] Augmented Reality (AR), HTML5, X3D meeting

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Sep 14 08:51:33 PDT 2010

Attendees:  Damon Hernandez, Len Daly, Anita Havele, Christophe
Mouton, Marc Petit (briefly), Peter Schickel and David Colleen.

We had a brief meeting this morning on Augmented Reality (AR) efforts
which are aligning with HTML5 & Mobile Profile efforts for X3D.

Damon is an organizer for the upcoming AR Standards International
Workshop 11-12 October in Seoul Korea.  Paper submission deadline
was yesterday.  http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeeting.html

We discussed how a framework of open standards can work.  Certainly
there is a lot of good effort converging in X3D, including our
mappings to OGC's KML and the W3C standards.  There are also some
additional possibilities with Mixed Reality (MR).

We will continue discussion tomorrow as part of Korea Chapter meeting
Wednesday evening (5 pm pacific, Thursday morning Korea). Am hoping
that Gun Lee and other Korean members working on AR might participate.

For the upcoming workshop in a month, we'd like to get a bit clearer
on how these different X3D-related efforts can be best coordinated
for shared success.  We'd further like to reach out to attendees
there so that they might also engage to achieve the most positive
potential results.  Damon we want to make sure that you have all the
information and ideas needed to pursue these important opportunities.

One good organizing question might be whether to spin off an independent
working group for X3D and AR.  It might be good to decouple that effort
from the Mobile+HTML5 profile to avoid over-integration of too many things
at once, so that we can ensure each keeps moving along well.  To do so
we'd need a few group cochairs working together, hopefully Europe/US/Asia.

Work so far on X3D and HTML5 are

with meeting teleconference info and most recent minutes at

Key presentation on Mobile-HTML5 X3D Profile at this summer's meetings:

	X3D Mobile+HTML5 Profile proposal

	Here is a slideset presented to ISO June 2010 and
	to the SIGGRAPH HTML5 BOF July 2010 that outlines
	how a common profile is achievable for both HTML5
	and Mobile applications. This would give Web authors
	a consistent and portable palette for X3D-enabled HTML5

It appears that we need to start a wiki page collecting information
on all of the AR efforts going on.

Following the Wednesday/Thursday call, the next meeting on this
topic will be in 2 weeks at the regular Tuesday morning call time.

Discussion welcome, thanks all.

all the best, Don
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