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My purpose in speaking as long as I did was the following:

1. I sense the production, ownership and usage of 3D-body scanning for the 
consumer (and service provider) to increase drastically this decade (000s 
units sold per month and up to 1 scan per day)
2. I sense H-Anim needs to be the standard of choice for use in the 
software bundled with these devices if not part of the leading add-on 
(helper apps) for useers with 00s if not 000s of scans to manage.
3. I sense H-Anim needs to establish deep and lasting relationships with 
the ... human pipeline defined by the innovations, disciplines and 
communities for Digital Human Modeling and Human Simulation to mature or 
extend H-Anim at the pace of these communities' developments so their 
outputs have a standard for animation
4. I believe the H-Anim design description needs to document the salient 
discussion of how it chose what to leave out as much if not more than what 
it chose to include in the context of complementary hardware and software 
technologies with dominant market share and likely market disruptors 
emerging at the end of the 2-yr  ISO standardization for the H-Anim next 


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These are the minutes of the H-Anim WG meeting.
If there is anything missing, please add comments as necessary. 
Attendees:  Don Brutzman, Dick Puk, Anita Havele, William Glascoe, Gun 
Lee, Myeong Won Lee 
Because of time restrictions, we reviewed the H-Anim WG wiki only briefly. 
Details will be discussed at the next WG meeting. 
William Glascore gave many valuable comments on the direction for the 
standardization of human simulation including in various areas of medical 
William, would you please kindly add your comments to these minutes? 
Thank you for your comments. 
>The H-Anim WG meeting will be held with agenda items as follows:
>1. Ongoing Working Draft for H-Anim motion definition 
The WD will be updated regularly. 
Example H-Anim characters with motion definition will be added soon. 
>2. Review of Figure 1 for the procedure of H-Anim character animation
As the first step for defining motion of a character, 
we consider two methods of motion generation. One is to use motion capture 
data, and the other is to use keyframe parameters.
Figure 1 shows the procedure for generating H-Anim character modeling and 
It will be amended because we have noticed some errors.
We will review the figure in detail at the next H-Anim WG meeting. 
>3. Scheduling next meetings 
>H-Anim WG meetings will be held every first Wednesday at 5:30pm PDT, 
subsequent to the Korea Chapter meeting. 
>The next meeting will be held as follows:
>(1st Wednesday) May 2nd at 5:30pm PDT (3rd, Thursday, 9:30am KST) 
>Myeong Won Lee 
>College of IT, U. of Suwon 
>Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 445-743 Korea 
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>E-mail) mwlee at suwon.ac.kr 
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