[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Korea Chapter Meeting, February 1st, 5pm PST (February 2nd, 10am KST) AR, GpsSensor, H-Anim issues

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Feb 1 18:42:28 PST 2012

1.  Attendees Gun Lee, Myeong Won Lee, Anita Havele, Dick Puk,
Don Brutzman.  This was another productive call.

Summary:  we discussed AR, GpsSensor, and a number of H-Anim issues.

2.  We reviewed the AR minutes of 25 JAN 2012.  Some discussion:

- The AR comparison of proposals document is available on the AR wiki at

- We discussed status of GPS Sensor.  Myeong Won Lee will work with
X3D Earth Working Group on GPS sensor proposals.  We will do that,
hopefully finding some meeting times that make sense.  We will further
bring back comments from the X3D Earth Working Group regarding what
sensor-related fields in GpsSensor might have general implications for
abstract sensor interfaces in X3D.  It will be great to have both
working groups looking at that.

3.  We discussed the good news that Suwon University has upgraded its
participation status in Web3D Consortium to Standard Membership.
We are celebrating this great progress by preparing a press release.

We then looked at H-Anim as indicated in the agenda.

H-Anim group page, working group page, and examples:


The Web3D members wiki also has several links


	Accommodating Diverse Models

	Corresponding amendment:

We talked about past work.
There has been previous work by the H-Anim working group during 2008-2009 that was not completed.
Some of it is linked on the H-Anim members wiki.

We agreed that it is a good idea to document work on these many good ideas
using the H-Anim public wiki.  Further comment is welcome about this.  The
main thing that is needed next is to get the H-Anim Working Group restarted
and rejuvenated.  To do so we need 1-2 members who are willing to voluntee
to serve as working group cochairs.

On 1/31/2012 8:22 PM, "Myeong Won Lee" wrote:
> The Korea Chapter meeting will be held with agenda items as follows:
> *1. H-Anim revison scope for ISO NWIP submission *
> Title: Revision of ISO/IEC 19774:2006 Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)
> Scope: The new work to be addressed is a revision of ISO/IEC 19774.
> It is suggested that the following:
>>1) Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion from captured motion data
>>2) Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion using a general motion definition such as keyframe, interpolation, kinematics, and dynamics for human figures.
>>3) Definition of motion data for transferring or exchanging motion between different human models
>>4) Definition of a motion data interface for including motion captured data
>>5) Definition of behaviour modelling data
>>6) Definition of human facial data
> be amended as follows:
> 1) Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion from captured motion data
> 2) Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion using a general motion definition such as keyframe, interpolation, kinematics and dynamics for human figures.
> 3) Definition of motion parameters for transferring or exchanging motion between different human character models
> 4) Definition of motion data interface for including motion data
> 5) Definition of behavior modeling data
> 6) Definition of motion viewer’s functionality
> At this time, it is suggested that “Definition of human facial data” be omitted because it needs further development of technology and implementation for standard items.
> In the previous minutes, Don wrote,
>>We discussed other possible work regarding insertion of video-based humans into
>>3D environments, and the inverse of 3D graphics humans into video displays.
>>There are some obvious overlaps with the X3D AR/MR standardization efforts.
>>Kwan Hee Yoo is most interested in these topics and presented slides/video
>>on his research in this area during the 16-17 November 2011 meeting in Seoul.
> We suggest that the new H-Anim at this time excludes video human functionality.
> We suggest that video human functionality and its gestures are included in AR/MR functionalities.
> *2. Draft of H-Anim WG charter*
> http://www.web3d.org/membership/login/memberwiki/index.php/Korea_Chapter_Members-Only_Wiki#H-Anim_WG_.28in_preparation.29

This is an excellent start, we will review again in the next meeting
following further consideration.

> *3. Review of the last AR WG minutes (Gun Lee)*
> *4. New work items proposals *
> [Web3D 2006-1] Units specification (Myeong Won Lee)
> [Web3D 2008-1] Projective texture mapping (Kwan-Hee Yoo)
> [Web3D 2009-1] Mixed reality visualization (Gun Lee)
> [Web3D 2009-2] Macro Parametric Approach for CAD Translation to X3D (Soonhung Han)
> [Web3D 2009-3] H-Anim motion data definition (Myeong Won Lee)
> [Web3D 2009-4] Mobile X3D functions (Myeong Won Lee)
> [Web3D 2009-5] Geometric medical data (Kwan Hee Yoo)
> [Web3D 2009-6] X3D Digital Textbook (Kwan Hee Yoo)
> [Web3D 2010-1] X3D GPS interface (Myeong Won Lee)
> [Web3D 2010-2] A management system of security devices in 3D virtual space (Kwan-Hee Yoo)
> [Web3D 2010-3] A CCTV node for the CCTV control of virtual environment management systems
> [Web3D 2010-4] CAD to X3D conversion (Hyokwang Lee)
> Soonhung Han withdrew the item concerning standarization of the Macro Parametric Approach.

We will discuss that during next week's meeting.

> No updates for other topics.
> *4. Scheduling February meetings *
> February teleconferences will be held as follows:
> (1st Wed) February 1st at 5:00pm PST (2nd, Thursday, 10:00am KST): Korea Chapter
> (2nd Wed) February 8th at 5:00pm PST (9th, Thursday, 10:00am KST): CAD WG
> (3rd Wed) February 15th at *10:30am CET, 6:30pm KST, 1:30am PST: AR WG*
> (4th Wed) February 22th at 5:00pm PST (February 23, Thursday, 10:00am KST): e-Learning SIG

Thanks for everything.  Step by step we continue to make progress.

all the best, Don
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