[semantics-public] Fluid or Wet Ontologies. Movement semantics in X3D

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 13:41:34 PDT 2021

How come there is "Circling," but not "Sphering" or "Cottonballing,"?  
The latter perhaps describing the motion of electrons.

How can we create a semantics of transformations beyond translation, 
scaling, rotation and skewing?  How might semantics of various 
differential equations or fluid dynamics help?

Can we create a visualization to describe sphering?  What does it mean 
when I say "I'm going to sphere"? Would it be similar to a halo?   A 
circular halo or a spherical halo?



On 8/2/21 3:01 PM, John Carlson wrote:

> https://livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk/3000928/1/Environment%20and%20Planning%20D_final_version_pure.pdf 
> <https://livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk/3000928/1/Environment%20and%20Planning%20D_final_version_pure.pdf>

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