[semantics-public] Unified Language Model (apologies to prior meanings)

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 20:51:37 PST 2022

> There are many choices when implementing templates, but fewer that I know
> of support abstract templates (superclasses of templates).  PROTOs for
> instance, allow you to include PROTOs within PROTOs, but not necessarily
> inherit PROTOs from a superPROTO.  Would you use the subPROTO PROTObody or
> superPROTO PROTObody?.   XSLT allows you to call templates from within
> templates, but one can't create a new template tag, for instance.  Also,
> how does one override template information with sub-template code?

So my question is, what is an abstract template?  An abstract template
should allow for "variables and source code" that concrete templates or
sub-templates can override or make use of.  Abstract or interface
templates.  For a more concrete example, I might create an abstract
template for location which location specific templates can inherit from.
 For example, you might have a template in California that contains the
idea of "county" and a template in Pennsylvania that contains the idea of
"township."  There are no ideas of townships in California, that I know of,
but other things like city and street can be shared.  Additionally, one
might create an abstract temple for "Vehicle" which all vehicle templates
inherit from?  How do we do this in X3D?   We have to provide MFNode or
SFNode fields to a PROTO, correct?  I do understand the concept of a PROTO
becoming a node.   But what is an abstract template for XSLT?  That's the
kind of thing I am asking for.  How do we create templates that are locale
or language-specific in XSLT?   Copy/Paste?   Can I at least Inline in

> 4.  Abstract templates, or a way to parse or generate documents, messages
> and interfaces. Grammars.
> 5. Concrete templates. Message snippets and parameters
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