[semantics-public] Streaming X3D

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 12:27:07 PDT 2023

I’d like to explores the concept of a streaming X3D encoding,  whether
that’s using Turtle, Streaming XML (?), JSON-LD (with possible RDF), or BVH
(?).  That is, instead having one “document” that refers to other
documents, having long-lived HTTPS connections to stream animation data
over the web.  Perhaps Omniverse/OpenUSD are streaming, IDK.   I know that
the streaming solution for X3D is DIS, and I haven’t looked enough into it,
but it seems like geometry beyond movement deployed via another channel,
and things like editing an avatar’s clothing, skin or skeleton are not
really appropriate for DIS.  Another solution would be streaming SAI/EAI.
I think that SAI is an excellent choice, but it is not declarative like
XSLT.  It also could be a vector for viruses, so the old EAI spec may be
preferred, unless there are SAI validators which prevent unwanted API
calls.  This means restricting the language binding to pure SAI calls as
much as possible.   It also means that if the SAI library has exploits on
the receivers end, there’s a possibility for compromise.

Here’s the JSON-LD/RDF/Turtle idea:


I will look a bit into StAX and streaming JSON parsers.

I would like to share several parameters over  the network, without the
trouble of setting up SIP or multicast.  HTTPS is ok.

AFAIK, WebRTC requires a SIP.

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