[X3D-Public] Problems with SAI and xj3d

Giorgos Papadakis gpapadak at ced.tuc.gr
Tue Apr 7 11:15:17 PDT 2009

I think I got it. It was a spelling mistake at:
missing letter inside the "" that the compiler could never had found, and
the fields were not being set correctly
Thank you very much for your time, your reply helped me to look at the
correct place.

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Giorgos Papadakis wrote:
> Hello, I am having some troubles with SAI (script called inside an x3d
> world).
> My code has an input SFTime value, routed from an TouchSensor, and I want
> use this to trigger an animation (startime=input and stoptime=input+2.5
> seconds)
> I am trying to do this at the following simple code:
> timeoutstart.setValue(timein.getValue());
> timeoutstop.setValue(timein.getValue()+2.0);
> When viewing the world using the Xj3D browser, I am getting the following
> exception:
> System.out: Error: System.out: Error while sending event
> System.out: java.lang.NullPointerException
> System.out:       at Control3.readableFieldChanged(Control3.java:62)

this is a line of code in your code.  Likely timeoutstart or timeoutstop 
is null.   So either the wrapper we returned is null or you didn't get 
the wrapper.  Make sure timeoutstart and timeoutstop are not null.

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