[X3D-Public] The Great Media Convergence

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Thu Apr 9 22:30:48 PDT 2009

*         The great media convergence is at hand at last.  It is X3D.   We
win.  ;-)

MP3s and mpgs from services to social networked gadgets to real time 3D
worlds with avatars, video, audio and other animation in real time with real

That is PDC! It's ALL THERE NOW! Done. On the street. A band can sign up
with say three services and at the other end have all of the services needed
to broadcast, share, communicate, blast and sell, but more importantly
because of the 3D setups, meet in rooms, work on songs, hold listening
parties and video release parties. Soon we'll be able to do full stage
setups for band AND machinima. It could always do non-linear. Soon building
these will not be hostage to the vertex economy. Stage craft is emerging in

Maybe it's because I'm stringing these together for the first time now in
the Vivaty embedded worlds in Facebook, but it is really no mystery that
this is the biggest juju to come to culture in a long long time. This is a
whole new medium. A lot of old rules are breaking and we don't know which
ones won't yet. 

So far, it behaves as predicted, like an ecosystem of cooperative services
extended by open APIs using simple forms widgets to set properties and
choose privileges.

It's neat. It's easy. It's fun.

Requires product but if you don't get that far, none of it matters. In the
end, the Interrregnum is one of information economy scale over means of
information production coupled to a self-selecting adaptive consumer
ecosystem. It is Arabesque.

It is free. For how long?



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