[X3D-Public] The Great Media Convergence

Tony Parisi tparisi at vivaty.com
Fri Apr 10 16:44:38 PDT 2009

I remember a wise man once said that what Web3D needed to take off was
"Drag, Drop and Go."

Well we're finally doing it.

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I dunno, but some things are purely location and opportunity.  Vivaty's
plugin on Facebook and their site pulled over 25k site visits if I read
right numbers for their Rascal Flatts room.  That's a lot of visits to a
dead plugin with a basis in a dead language.

It seems to me they are hitting the sweet spot.  I've spent time putting
songs and videos in my room there, and the whole thing is pretty danged
smooth drag and drop.  My YouTube videos, the songs off my own server,
photos etc. all blended easily.   Now I can host listening parties, work
songs with other musicians, and so on.  With the combination of services
from two or three sources and a growing social network to push to at
time, this seems to work pretty durn good.

PDC (Pretty Damm Cool).  PDQ (Pretty Damm Quick).

For the folks who use MySpace, this is a neat alternative way to pull it
together in a real time world for real time events.

Stagecraft.  The possibilities are endless and artists are already doing
most of this in Second Life, but there are those who don't think they
in that environment and wrote to tell me so.  The Vivaty/Facebook rooms
an excellent alternative.   Depending on what they add next, this can
the Tip Jar button paradise for musicians.

As this builds, getting the rooms more out front will help.


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Just like the story of the Anchor Node huh?
I got a hell'va Florida land deal for you!

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