[X3D-Public] end-user screen resolution: survey results

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Mon Apr 13 09:18:59 PDT 2009

Joshua Smith schrieb:
> Matches what I've seen in practice with our customers.
> I think (but do not know for sure) that a lot of this is caused by
> people running their laptops at lower-than-ideal resolution, because us
> programmers use fonts that are too small to see.

Maybe also related to the fact that, while it may be surprising for some
it marketing guys who cannot even remember what they was using three
years ago, quite a lot of people (and also companies, schools,
institutions, public terminals, ...) have displays far from HDTV-age
resolutions. Hey, I am typing this on my 12" PPC laptop, which is six
years old - and of course at 1024x768. And I will use this machine at
least two more years most probably, as I still did not hit its limits -
but in commercial world, so many think that such a machine does not
exist because it has not been sold for some years.

It is the funny part of our economy, that little is known about useage,
and everything about sales... and than such surveys bring surprising
results ;-)

CU Lars.
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