[X3D-Public] O3D - Google's 3D JavaScript API

GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Wed Apr 22 01:18:15 PDT 2009

Installed it and tried to run a few sample scenes. Here is
what I got in Firefox:

"We are terribly sorry but it appears your graphics card is
not able to run o3d. We are working on a solution"

Internet Explorer doesn't even seem to recognize it at all. 
Either way, from the sample thumbnail scenes it looks like
they have a long way to go. Wishfull thinking from Google's
part? Maybe they are just experimenting.

However, I am wondering if the fact that such companies as
Google and IBM (last year) are not getting it is symptomatic
of something WE are not doing? How can they be so
misinformed, or are they? It's almost as though they don't
know we exist (or do they) until they try doing it
themselves. If they simply choose to ignore Web3D then what
are the reasons? Technology, Control, or Money?

Web3D has been working on establishing 3D Web standards for
about a decade and a half. Oh but that's ok guys, we are new
at this but we can do it better, the marketing that is.  


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>Well since yesterday they aren't probably fishing
>I am really interested on x3d community stance on this.
>> Looks like Google is fishing for ideas about a new 3D API
>> for the Web. Please let them feel our weight on this one
>> we don't end up with another IBM.
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