[X3D-Public] O3D - Google's 3D JavaScript API

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 23 18:18:55 PDT 2009

Ben > What's important to me is that Google have expressed an interest 
in 3D on the web, backed it up with some code, and called for feedback 
from the community. It's up to everyone to figure out how standards 
and technology should ultimately fit together in this complex 

Ben > Let's continue talking. To IBM, To Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, 
Khronos and Google if we can. I will invite Google to respond.

Fine, Ben, Anyone would want an orderly field for doing talk, so let's 
make one.
Google and Mozilla are offering some of what might be some great 
roll-your-own scenegraph tools at a level where the participants can 
contribute to building a platform from nearly the bottom up. Hey, I 
can make my own scenegraph with this stuff! The fun will be watching 
how this evolves to serve the open publishing web community.

Again, good luck on your 3D work Ben. What a great experience to press 
on in the midst of this great discussion. Who knows this my be an 
important cusp that we will all remember someday.

I am kind of thinking that maybe Google was keeping such a good secret 
that they sort of got swooped by Mozilla domination of the Khronos 
announcement. But after all, Google has only been in the web browser 
biz for a relatively short time, and then between Mozilla and Google, 
(Canvas3D and O3D if I am using the correct comparison) they may be 
thinking that comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges 
because both have certain advantages. However, it is more like, 
compared to X3D, both are apples and X3D is the orange.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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