[X3D-Public] my musings on O3D and JavaScript on the web

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Fri Apr 24 23:37:42 PDT 2009

Len Bullard schrieb:
> Converting a Phong sphere and converting the behaviors of any real-time 3D
> content are not so simple.
> What does an O3D converter do with the internal Javascripts, interpolators,
> sensors, and so on?

I think this is part of the alternative that this new engine offers.

A) Convert the 3d-part into low-level code that will work in any web
browser, make it simple and have this work with all kind of

B) Have a scripting interface, that again works fine in any web browser,
to implement the logic.

x3d tries to solve both at once. This may be a nice idea, but in many
cases fails. Most work-flows produce geometry from tools that do not
know anything about behaviour - so there is no need to stuff all of it
into one format. And dividing logic and geometry not only matches the
tools better in many cases - it avoids a lot of errors.

So if anyone wants to compare the sphere with some logic in x3d and o3d
- look only at the logic part, as the geometry can be imported and will
not by created by typing in a text editor in most cases.

Do not misunderstand me, I still think that x3d is a great tool. But for
a mass market adoption, the support by web browsers is missing. And the
developers of these browsers obviously fear integrating the whole system
of geometry, sensors, scripts that comes with x3d, as they can have the
same result with adding some 3d geometry features to existing
programming apis. Can we blame them?

CU Lars.
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