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Most of us Google through the slog and make our own code libraries.  There
have been attempts to organize it but truthfully a search engine is the best
way to share the load.  

But yes, it makes a huge difference to an author who is not working on
objects, but using them.   VRML/X3D object libs are showing up in the
platform products now.  Things are improving.  Some worry about global
standards.  I worry about having the same companies still in business ten
years later.

For the IrishSpace videos, I'm using the Contact and Vivaty engines.  Each
has strengths and both play the content.  Combined with Jing and a movie
maker, and it all just works, but that is because a group of VRML geek
geniuses took the time to build and assemble the models and a supreme VRML
god, Paul Hoffman, orchestrated those objects and camera shots into a
smoothly navigable worlds with animated transitions.  It's beautiful in
VRML, but essentially the story line is linear, so also beautiful in video.
Video also adds compositing layers and that amplifies the storytelling

For all of this to work with content from 1997, a standard is required.
Think about it.  As an author, you need to be able to work with your own
work for as much or over a decade.   It is your wealth.   Those models give
the storyteller all the props and because it is 3D, renderable and reusable
across media by capture.  It can be done with a game engine too but then one
is left with more obsolete content faster.  The return on lifecycle using
the standard is far greater than the profit realized from ubiquity if
ubiquity shortens lifecycle.


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>Nay! Composable libraries, reusable, cheap to build but built >to last by
>being open IP-free technology.

>Yes, the miracle of VRML is it is still standing.  As I said, >the only
>that matters to me.

that what I've all way felt was missing, I know about
but there are no animated clipart
like doors, lights, switchs etc that are in prototype form

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