[X3D-Public] SIGGRAPH09 / Office Towers YouTube video

GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Thu Aug 6 07:06:59 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

It isn't over yet but I am back from SIGGRAPH 09, where I
had a great time meeting friends and getting to know more of
them and what they look like. I am glad I did. The Web3D
booth has plenty of visitors coming at all time and the Tech
Talk seating room yesterday was full, people were standing
to watch the presenters. The MUVE BOF meeting also went
pretty well with many attendees and discussions abounded
until we ran out of time.

For 3DNPVEI I distributed a video of the Office Towers world
for all to get a quick overview. That video is now available
online. Simply go to officetowers.com and click YouTube on
the menu to view it.


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