[X3D-Public] Coding Work, follow-up

steve guynup exposedfield at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 18 10:56:53 PDT 2009

A week ago, I'd posted a small job offer and didn't hear back.
(Had one interesting offer) 

So I'm curious, did my yahoo account again block replies?
(if so, a private message is needed)

Or is there little interest in student level (computer science student) work. Or Is it me and my work? Or is it working with BS Contact/Exit Reality...

I'm about to hire my AIP students to do better 3D modeling for my 3D Lighting & Level Design presentations. So having better code, shareable code, is needed. 


Original message is below:

I have a little work that's a little outside my skill set.
In the near term, its just doing clean up of my teaching avatar and doing some shared behaviors in Exit Reality (aka BS Contact)

I'm funding this out of my own pocket...so no one will get rich.
There's possibilities down the road, but all I can guarantee is conference and publication action...

I think a student coder would likely be best.



Improvement makes straight roads, 
but the crooked roads, without Improvement, 
are roads of Genius.” 

- William Blake


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