[X3D-Public] ROUTEs can send an event to a point in the 3D space?

Russ Kinter pyth7 at verizon.net
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Ah yes, inter-object collision!
See when they wrote the spec for x3d they threw in the kitchen sink but
forgot the plumbing.
The one thing that would have made x3d really worth while and they left it
It doesn’t exist, except in proprietary form. Contact has it, so does
Cortona ect but one doesn’t work with the other.
I have seen a Prototype written in good old VRML that does it by calculating
colliding bounding boxes based on
the geometry Coordinates. 
Maybe someone could direct you to that Proto library? 
Russ Kinter

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That does not solve my problem, but thanks anyway for the advice!

I will try to explain myself better. I have an object (the 'plug') connected
with a ROUTE to an on/off button. What I want to do is that, when I move
another object (i.e. a bulb) over the plug, that object will react (i.e. the
bulb would start shinning). Both the 'plug' and the 'bulb' should be

An event telling when two objects collide  (so that I could check when the
'bulb' collides the 'plug') would solve it. Otherwise I cannot think of a
ECMAscript that solved this issue...

The second solution is implementing my own SceneGraph in java, keeping the
current positions of the objects (bulb and plug)  and perform the collision
detection on my own.

If X3D ROUTEs could send events to a position in the space, so that they
stimulated any object located in that position, the problem would be easily

El 21 de agosto de 2009 21:51, Joe D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net>
You can add/remove routes using SAI script.
Otherwise I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.
Best Regards,

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Subject: [X3D-Public] ROUTEs can send an event to a point in the 3D space?

Hello everybody!

This is my first message to the list, even though I have some experience
using the good old VRML.

I would like to add a plug in a Virtual Environment (VE), so that any object
placed over the plug (collision) would receive events to turn it on or off.

My initial idea was to define prototypes with a boolean input field for the
different objects (bulbs, toys,...) I wanted to plug. These objects would be
moved over a table using a PlaneSensor. Then I would connect a button with a
TouchSensor that would send its events to the position of the 'plug' in the
3D space.  I would like this plug to be also movable using a PlaneSensor.

Unluckily, after checking X3D specification, I think this approach is not

How could I implement such a behaviour in X3D?
I have tried to create an script executed by the objects likely to be
connected to the plug, in which I would manually check the collision among
these objects, but I would need to get the 3D position of both the plug and
the object. Is there any way to do this?

Would I need to use SAI and have a parallel SceneGraph -an external java
SceneGraph- definition that allows me to check such things??

Thanks in advance!!

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