[X3D-Public] Announcement: view3dscene 3.4

Alan Hudson giles at yumetech.com
Wed Aug 26 07:44:51 PDT 2009

Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> A lot of new features were added in 3.4 release: full support for X3D
> multi-texturing, cube map texturing, 3D texturing components, also DDS
> images, shadow map and hardware occlusion query implementation. Full
> list of changes is on the main page of
> http://vrmlengine.sourceforge.net/changes_log.php
> Comments welcome!
> (I hope it's Ok if I'll send announcements here about the major releases
> of view3dscene? Such new major releases happen a couple times per year,
> tops.)
Congrats on the release.  And yes it appropriate to post releases of X3D 
and VRML implementations here.

How did you find the hardware occulsion query implementation.  Did it 
help a lot with your framerate?  Did you compare it to a CPU culling method?

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