[X3D-Public] animated visualization to convey an intuitive sense

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 28 15:15:14 PST 2009

" ... animated visualization to convey an intuitive sense ... "

great 3D motion graphics throughout this series of lectures, with a 
most complete at about
59 minutes into part 4, Cosmic Society


" ... fundamental principles visually expressed ..."

" ...  conventions used to pull us into the video ... "

" ... fundamental principles vizually expressed ... "

" ... expressed through visualization ... "

2009 Yale Terry Lectures: Cosmic Society

Maybe a bit metasapiens in parts,

" ... from short term fragmented identrifies to the first serious long 
term species identity ... "

but the cosmos graphics and moving through the scales are greatest 

Thanks and Best Regareds,

2009 Terry Lectures: The New Universe
2009 Terry Lectures: Stardust Plus Time Equals Us
2009 Terry Lectures: This Cosmically Pivotal Moment
2009 Terry Lectures: Cosmic Society 

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