[X3D-Public] update for x3d resources: Maple support for X3D

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.navy.mil
Thu Jul 2 19:10:06 PDT 2009

John Starrett wrote:
> Maple 13 now exports graphics to x3d.

Thank you for this alert John, and for your X3D suggestions in the Maple
public forum.  As you've suggested, I've updated the X3D Resources page.



> Graphics Improvements in Maple 13
> Maple 13 includes many improvements in plotting. These are summarized below.
> 3-D Plots
> Significant improvements have been made to the look of 3-D plots. They also render faster and use less memory. In addition, a number of new features previously available only for 2-D plots are now available for 3-D plots. These include the ability to use typeset mathematics and text in titles, captions, axis labels, and text objects, as well as the ability to edit them in-place. Drawing on 3-D plots and improved control of tickmark spacing are now available. Interactive control of plot properties, including that offered through context menus, is also improved. More information is available on these help pages: plot3d/options, plot/typesetting, plot/tickmarks.
> New Export Formats Available
> You can now export 3-D plots to .x3d, .dae, and .x3d geometry file formats. X3D is an open standard file format used to represent 3-D models using XML. For more information on the X3D format, visit http://www.web3d.org/about/overview/. COLLADA (.dae) files are XML files based on the COLLADA schema and are used for exchanging 3-D graphics information between graphics programs. For more information on COLLADA files, visit http://www.collada.org/ or http://www.khronos.org/collada/.
> Viewpoint Animations
> The new viewpoint option allows you to create an animation by varying the viewpoint through a 3-D plot, as if a camera were flying through the plot. Many suboptions are available to allow you to control the animation. You can use one of the standard paths or define your own path by specifying camera locations. The camera orientation, field of view, and number of frames are all adjustable. For more information, see the plot3d/viewpoint help page. 

For those who might be interested, Maple is powerful math-oriented technical
computing software for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

Mathematica support is also available.

Wondering if anyone knows about latest X3D support in other math packages
such as Matlab, Octave, fluid dynamics simulation tools, etc. ?  Might be
some good consulting or project work there for someone.

all the best, Don
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