[X3D-Public] How to force loading x3d content with a specificx3d-browser

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> Hi everybody,
> is it possible to force a specific x3d-browser (like octage or 
> bscontanct) to respond to a embed/object tag on a html based 
> website?

HI Mr, Dawn,
The important poart about this historical junk is the classid. You 
must obrtain this value from the browser vendors documentation. 
Although this may be possible in other W3C html browsers at some time 
in the future, for now it is just IE as far as I know.
This is actually testable in other than IE now because at least most 
new browsers won't fail when they read a classid.

Andt maybe Don will answer wehen he gets back from vacation - in the 
meantime, X3D-Edit appears to allow you to choose. Maybe there is 
another clue in there.

Best Regards and Good Luck ,

if (window.ActiveXObject)
// browser supports ActiveX/IE API and specifies FluxPlayer
  document.write('<object id="objx3d" class="logoUsingx3d" 
  document.write('<param name="DASHBOARD" value="0">');
  document.write('<param name="BGCOLOR" value="0xaaaaaa">');
  document.write('<div>Got .X3D?</div>');

> Cheers
> Honsel
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