[X3D-Public] Can I create a colored shape without any light effects?

Bederov, Sergey bederov at cortona3d.com
Tue Jul 28 00:57:26 PDT 2009

Hello Tomas,

You can get this effect using the emissiveColor field. This is the field
of the Material node and works in both VRML and X3D. The color specified
in emissiveColor is added to the lighting calculated according to
diffuseColor. The default value of diffuseColor is light grey (0.8 0.8
0.8), therefore, you will have to disable lighting by setting
diffuseColor to black (0 0 0). Transparency is specified in the
transparency field and works with all combinations of diffuseColor and

                                            Sergey Bederov

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I would like to create a box with specified color and transparency,
but with no light effects on its faces (all faces would have the same
color regardless of the angle to the viewer.

What I'm trying to immitate is a liquid environment divided into 1x1x1
boxes. The color and transparency of each box is determined by the
concentration of substances in this box. The problem is that the
borders of the boxes are visible and disturbing. I would like the
liquid to look continuous.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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