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Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 6 17:31:58 PDT 2009

> Sorry Joe but it doesn't work at all in Firefox or IE 8.

What is your default (last installed or registered) X3D browser?

> To start with you need a Browser Sniffer, that then inserts the 
> Object/Embed tag

No current W3C browser needs that sniff and object/embed regime 
anymore, esp not Firefox and IE8, or Chrome or Safari. all do the 
<object> element without <embed> fallback just fine thatnk you. I'm 
missing Opera right now. The user must set some preferences to get it 
to play without comment but no default samdbox anymore in the latest 

> using Javascript, try the NIST site for this. Its the only way 
> around IE's ActiveX sandbox.

Changed a 'lot' in IE8 although some late 7's didn't need it. A simple 
object tag with no fallback to embed will work any latest.

All the main brwosers are starting to work like <object> is described 
in the HTML 5 spec.
The scripted object/embed rig may still work fine, but check where the 
url is being sent to the X3D browser.
And anyone stiill hanging on to IE6 or 7 instead of IE8 and also uses 
latest Ff or Whatever has got a bad problem.

I see now (again) the main issue here is the MIME.
If I change the mime to model/x3d+vrml which is what most X3D browsers 
register then all is OK for those X3D browsers.
Or maybe for this one I need to omit the MIME type altogether and just 
include the file url. All the browsers register .x3dv.
I am showing this in model/x3d-vrml when apparently only Vivaty 
I think It really needs to be converted ans sent in .x3d and 
model/x3d+xml, which all the X3D browsers claim.

Thanks for looking and Best Regards,

ps Instant said they fix that z depth:)

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