[X3D-Public] Can authoring applications for VRML/X3D do something like this?

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.navy.mil
Tue Jun 9 00:25:01 PDT 2009

John Carlson wrote:
> http://wave.google.com/

X3D-Edit has embedded XMPP chat also.  this can be used for message or
file passing.  Shared file editing is also possible, tho not always
100% connected (bug reported to Netbeans team).

X3D-Edit with Xj3D also has full support for DIS networking in
native multicast and partial support (read, inspect) for DIS-XML.
We have separately implemented DIS-XML over XMPP chat channel as
part of our AUV Workbench application - this functionality will
gradually make its way into X3D-Edit.  X3D-Edit also has an excellent
test suite and record/playback tool.


We invite others to add DIS networking to their X3D applications.
Don McGregor's OpenDIS implementation is available for Java, C++
and C#.  All of this work is open source.


To our knowledge, Xj3D is the only X3D codebase that supports DIS.
NPS has contributed a lot of source to Yumetech for high-performance
networking and garbage-collection reduction.  We rebuild Xj3D to
include that code when bundled inside Xj3D, hopefully they will add
it to the Xj3D cvs version control soon.  Available on request from
Terry Norbraten.

Point of information:  DIS and a handful of other X3D components only
have single implementations.  This was a process lapse during the
advancement of X3D v3.2.  We are all hopefully working hard to prevent
that from recurring as we plan potential future work for X3D v3.3.
The primary ingredient we need to ensure best possible quality control
is membership in Web3D Consortium and participation in the X3D Working
Group.  This is very important - if you are reading this and are not
yet a member, please do consider joining or asking more.


So back to your question John:  a rephrased answer is that the
fundamental technologies are compatible with X3D and can be
implemented if Web3D companies & contributors are able to execute.

all the best, Don
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