[X3D-Public] Web3D Symposium Presentation Advice

Alexei Sourin (Assoc Prof) assourin at ntu.edu.sg
Thu Jun 11 00:48:12 PDT 2009

Please refer to the published program for the time and length of your presentation.


The registration will open Mo, Jun 15, after 13:00h.

We will use Room 074 and Room 071 inside of the IGD building for the paper presentation.


Both rooms are equipped with local Windows-XP machines which have current versions of Powerpoint and PDF-viewer installed.

You can also use your own notebook for the presentation.

Full paper will be 20min + 5min discussion.

Short paper will be 10min + 5 min discussion.

This is a technical slide presentation. The audience is mostly technical - software developers, researchers, content creators.

Alexei Sourin

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Dear all,

I wanted to send this to the Web3D Symposium list, but my subscription has yet to be approved.

I am attending my first Web3D Symposium this year and am presenting a paper on my 3D Web application. I'm not quite sure what to expect from the event, I was wondering if anyone could offer advice for the presentation of papers at the conference. What do attendees at the conference like to see in a presentation? How long should it be? Is there anything in particular the presentation should contain? Are there any practical technical requirements or limitations?

Perhaps some information for people presenting papers has been sent to the symposium list, but I've not received it.

Many Thanks


Ben Francis
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