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GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Sun Jun 21 12:28:16 PDT 2009

> As Joe notes, you should be able to use a nested object
element (without classid) in place of the embed element.

That seems like a sensitive solution, but so far <embed> has
allowed us to specify 'TYPE="application/x-cc3d"' which
appears to successfully help select the correct plugin
(Contact in this case - testing with Firefox 3.0.8). Perhaps
I should try the above type in nested <object> instead of
the 'type=application/x-oleobject' we now use. Will report
on that in a few days.

If you'd like more specifics please see
www.officetowers.com, click "Connect to Server, Start,
Enter, that will take you to the loading page in question.
Thanks for all of the input Joe and Braden.


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>>I am saying if you need to use classid in <object> to load
>> particular plugin in IE, then you must use <embed> as
>> for firefox to be able to load that plugin (or another
>> to handle the mime type). In other words, using classid
>> <object> will cause it to malfunction in firefox.
>> will work in firefox without classid, but using it breaks
>> it. So if the <object> tag is broken then you'll need
>> <embed> to fall back on. At least that is my experience.
>Well that is correct, but there was a time when Ff didn't
><object>, so <embed> was required for fallback. Now all
>browsers will
>accept <object> so the fallback here could be another
><object> without
>@classid and that would work.
>However, later browsers are now just overlooking classid
>rather than
>failing, so in the latest you might fine you need no
>fallback except
>maybe some text if the X3D browser can't be found.
>At this time it might be good to test the W3C browsers you
>interested in and see which uses the fallback, maybe by
>having a
>different X3D file name in the fallback content.
>Best Regards,

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