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Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 23 10:23:04 PDT 2009

>        <object data="your.wrl" ... >
>          <param name="src" value="your.wrl" >
>        </object>

The duplication of data="your.wrl"
is just due to the fact that BS didn't recognize the src param. Flux 
did, so we used both to cover all.
I haven't checked now whether BS or Octaga, and Instant will recognize 
the src param.

Anyway in the big view, it is better for a plugin to use the <param> 
and drop using @data, if possible. One reasin is that the host browser 
may treat the content differently if requested in data attr rather 
than the src param.
In particular, the browser may try to 'sniff' content type or other 
aspects of the file, as well as download the complete file before 
sending it to the plugin when data is used. On the other hand, if src 
param is used, then the url is sent to the plug when it is ready and 
then the plugin asks for the content when it is ready. In the <param> 
case, the host browser is probably less involved in the loading 

In all cases you should include the correct MIME you expect in the 
@type attribute and then make sure your server is sending the correct 
ContentType header.
(Where correct is a MIME string that the X3D/VRML plugin has 
registered with the host W3C browser.) .

Thanks and Best Regards,

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> On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 05:21 -0400, GLG wrote:
>> >> With the correct 'type=application/x-oleobject' all I get
>> >is
>> >> a blank page/frame.
>> >
>> >That's not correct.  The "type" attribute of "object"
>> >refers to the type
>> >of the resource referred to by the "data" attribute.
>> >
>> OK I've just tried type="model/x3d+xml" in nested <object>
>> tags. It is only partially successful as the plugin doesn't
>> get past the splash screen in Firefox. It just sits there
>> "Bitmanagement Software GmbH". Same thing with
>> type="model/vrml".
> That actually sounds like Contact is just failing to load the 
> initial
> stream; that's probably worth reporting as a bug.  It may expect you 
> to
> provide "src" in a "param" element; e.g.:
>        <object data="your.wrl" ... >
>          <param name="src" value="your.wrl" >
>        </object>
> If this is the case, it's not a problem with Firefox; rather, it's 
> the
> plug-in not using NPAPI (the plug-in API) correctly.
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