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GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Wed Jun 24 03:29:20 PDT 2009

>Does it work when you use object with both data and src?

It actually works better without 'data' because at least the
plugin is invoked.

>Does it work for embed all by itself?

Yes. It also works in IE by itself too. I wonder what is a
compelling reason to use <object> at all for now (if not for
the ability to use some param's) since <embed> is likely to
remain supported for quite a while. Below is one of the
Contact specific types and extensions I now know about
thanks to this conversation.


SRC="load.bswrl"  TYPE="application/x-bsContact"
HEIGHT="100%"  WIDTH="100%">


>Usually the object wil fill its container, but try putting
>a height
>and width.

I did test with dimensions. The plugin does load but the
data that is supposed to get into it doesn't. That is the

>I will look at this tomorrow.
>Best Regards,

Ok, you've got the ball :)

Here's a link for you... I thought you'd have that. What is
your Firefox version?



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