[X3D-Public] Cortona3D Viewer 6.0 is released!

Bederov, Sergey bederov at cortona3d.com
Thu Jun 25 03:35:10 PDT 2009

We are pleased to announce that Cortona3D (formerly ParallelGraphics)
has just released an upgrade to the market leading Cortona3D Viewer -
version 6.0 is now available and offers a range of new powerful

Cortona3D Viewer v. 6.0: What's new

*	Unicode support: full support for UTF-8 in VRML
*	Support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Google Chrome
*	Improved installation procedure: use of Microsoft installer
*	Localization of the user interface
*	Phong lighting model support
*	Improved performance: new DirectX renderer
*	New VRML extensions: additional operations with layers, support
for composite textures and gradient background
*	Changes in VRML Automation interface: changes in the Pick method
and the bounding box calculation method

More detailed information about the new release can be found at

If you would like to discuss buying or upgrading please email
sales at cortona3D.com

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