[X3D-Public] Inform 7 and X3D

miriam miriam at werple.net.au
Sat May 2 04:39:52 PDT 2009

This looks interesting. I haven't seen anything that might be a 
straightforward connection between the two. If you find anything please 
do let me know as I'm just embarking on a VR story attempt (again).

I had been very intrigued about the possibility of using the delightful, 
free RenPy system with 3D somehow, but couldn't see a simple way. Renpy 
already lets you use text, decision points, mouse and keyboard 
interaction, pictures, sound, and some (2D) animation in your stories.


	- Miriam

John Carlson wrote:
> Anybody working on some combination of Inform 7 (interactive fiction) 
> and X3D?  Would there be a binding from Inform 7 to X3D?
> http://www.inform-fiction.org/I7/Inform%207.html

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