[X3D-Public] Replacing GIF Animations

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Thu May 7 17:04:50 PDT 2009

Thanks Lauren and Russ!

I realized the avis run but loop has to be TRUE of course given there is
only a few frames.  The problem is some animated gifs don't convert well out
of the software I'm using.  OTOH, I can run the scene, capture that as
wmv/mp4 which the doc says it supports.  The problem is the VRML is objects
stacked behind objects (backdrops) and in video that is a composite (video
overlay) and the resituating may be tricky or serendipity.  I won't know
until I get it done.

I thought support had been removed for animated gifs because it was
considered bloat.  If it is a version change, que bueno.  Bugs are stuff.
Features are juju.  When they go away, expression takes a hit.   Have you
taken vinyls and digitized them.  Once clean, the eq of the RIAA curve for
vinyl is obvious in the sound and that is what we are accustomed to for
those songs.  Sampling from the vinyl preserves authenticity.  OTOH, get the
original tracks and sample those then remix can either expand or expose what
is there. Results May Vary.

My goal is to get the screen captures with as little change to the code as


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Contact 7.106 supports animated gif just fine (I think there
was a bug in 7.0). I wouldn't recommend 7.2 beta just yet
though. Tried it and encountered rendering issues. 

Flash movies can also play well in Contact. 


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>I need to replace the GIF animations I've been using since
>these are no
>longer supported. I've been using them as textures for text
>and that worked
>well.  Should these be replaced with MovieTextures?  I'm
>using Contact 7.0
>for this.
>So far, it tries to render an AVI but doesn't play it.  MP4
>just shows as
>white letters.
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