[X3D-Public] view3dscene

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sat May 9 12:13:11 PDT 2009

chris wrote:
> Although the installation program says "No special installation is
> required, just unpack these archives and run the program"
> the problem is likely due to one of the dependencies:

Yes, Mac OS X version requires for now X Windows and some libraries from
fink. Contributions to fix this are welcome :), for now the installation
on Mac OS X indeed requires a little more work than "just unpack the
archives", to install all the dependencies.

Lars wrote:
> It may be of interest for some of us, it is (or at least it used to be)
> able to load vrml-1, too.

Nowadays all the work goes into X3D support, but yes --- VRML 1.0
support still exists and will remain active for a long time. You can
even use many VRML 2.0 / X3D features inside VRML 1.0 files, you can
inline between various VRML / X3D versions...


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