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> Suddenly, things got real quiet.

How about livening it up with comments about this:


More soon. We are working on organizing our info and tactics,
True, it is unknown what HTML5 will be, but it is the next generation, 
so it will be an advance. The Good news is that G, Ff, Op, Sa, and 
even IE will do a lot of HTML5 now. A basic concept is that the 
doctype now looks like this:
<!DOCTYPE html>
along with the desired HTML or XHTML MIME,
and it will be clear what is old conforming, new conforming, and 


Actually Web3D has a mission to attend the next W3C TPAC meeting in 
Santa Clara 4,
5,  and 6 of November.

I'm one of three representing Web3D.org, which is a member of W3C, in 
the HTML Working Group activities. In this effort, the major goal of 
Web3D is to have X3D included as the native declarative syntax for 
interactive 3D in HTML and XHTML. Specific tasks are gettiing 
consistent behaviors between browsers using the <object> element in 
HTML and XHTML and advancing the idea of 'namespace-awareness' defined 
in both HTML and XHTML to provide extensibility by 'Inline' user code 
in both environments.

If I have a personal mission besides those, it is to get the archaic 
<embed> element completely out of the language. The elements <object,> 
and <param> along with new <video> and <audio> replace all 
applications of <embed> and offer an organized api and author-defined 
fallback:) that <embed> does not.

This may sound like a big deal, but X3D is not the only language 
extension being deliberated and implemented. HTML5 will also include 
'native' SVG, MathML, and Ruby markup (yes, the Ruby markup, not the 
Ruby application language) in all conforming W3C web browsers. That is 
wonderful enough, but wait, there is more, including making <video> 
and <audio> first class elements with their own interfaces and not to 
mention a big press for Accessibility (ARIA) and integration of 
Semantic Web concepts (microdata and/or RDFa) and finally DOM3. Ooohh! 
and don't forget the amazing Canvas2D and Canvas3D elements and the 
great connections with WebGL and O3D and X3D.

Anyway, we will share the experience with the group when we return 
from the meeting.
Meanwhile, I am open to any questions or comments about HTML, XHTML, 
and HTML5 that anyone may have.

Thanks to All and Best Regards,

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> Suddenly, things got real quiet.
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