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What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting October 1 2009
present: 		John Stewart, Joe Williams,Johannes Behr, Don Brutzman.

Web page: 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5
Toll-free phone: 877 929 9843
Toll-fee phone: 1-210-301-4738
Passcode: 831186#	


Johannes: Working on the Javascript-based X3D renderer. Is Web3d and/or OGL
(correct? JAS) - focus is not performance, but flexibility.  Have 2 students
working on it. First looks for a plugin, if not starts this webgl renderer.
Webgl for interchange content hopefully by November.

Don: we need to get our examples going.

Johannes: code is evolving; will put it on line in a week or two? It is
Javascript based content. sits within the DOM using X3D namespace. First of all
it looks for a plugin; if it does not find one, uses a javascript based
implementation that uses webgl for rendering. The nice thing is that you do not
need a plugin it always works; if you have a plugin it would render faster.

Don - can we have a partial agenda for 2 November?

Johannes - that is the goal.

Don - Ask chair by email if we can present at the TPAC in November;  our
presentation coverage will be:
	- Family of X3D Specifications;
	- Relationships between scenegraphs/apis and render layers;
	- Similarities beweteen mathml, svg, and x3d;
	- Simple X3D example and HTML5 examples;
	  (how current integration looks like via object model then to html5)
		- X3D as embedded object;
		- HTML5 with embedded x3d as mixed namespaces;
		- Template for demo = html5+x3d event passing connections.
	- Recommendations for html5 specification. (if we have enough knowledge by then)

JohnS: Will send this to our list; Don will then (next day or two) send this to
the HTML5 list and ask for 10 minutes at TPAC.

JohnS - working on FreeWRL as a plugin to WebKit that will be OSX, Linux and
Windows compatible (OSX as main target, for now).  This and Johannes' approach
are complimentary. Initial results look ok, but will see what (if anything) can
be shown at TPAC of this endeavour.

Johannes; John, all we need is a "replace World" type of call to get DOM content
rendering inside.

Action Items:


Sept 15 2009:

1) ACTION: (Sept 15 2009) Don - we do not have a target namespace. In XML
schema, ACTION - investigate whether name space declaration in x3d schema is

(Oct 1):
Progress: Got part way into that; not sure about a few things. Leave open.

2) ACTION: (Sept 15 2009) JohnS - enroll in TPAC.

(Oct 1):
Done. (Note: Don and Joe attending)

3) ACTION: (Sept 15 2009) populate examples (all)

(Oct 1):
Don - Johannes can we use one/some of your examples?? Just to show where we are
thinking. Mixed namespace - can be an inline node, maybe with some shape with a

Don - keep the X3D small, so that focus is on showing integration.

4) ACTION: (Oct 01 2009) Don - We will refresh the showcase DVD; will print 100
copies so people can send stuff to showcase by 23 October.

5) ACTION: (Sept 23 2009) Joe - look at making some X3D examples; we have some
good examples on our main wiki page; if you can lay out svg examples, and make
equivalent x3d specs.

(Oct 1 2009):
Don: eg, a simple "Hello World" example a natural progression from HTML -
<Object> example, to embedded <X3D>

Don: Constructing coresponding examples in SVG and MAthML to hammer home that we
are really doing the same thing.

6) ACTION: (Oct 01 2009) All: next week to work on presentation for TPAC.


all the best, Don
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