[X3D-Public] chaining TimeSensors, TimeSensor cycleTime, and end-of-cycle event?

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
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Since this is reasonably easy with a script, I assume you want to get rid of
scripting and create a canned behavior.  Ok.


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Subject: [X3D-Public] chaining TimeSensors, TimeSensor cycleTime,and
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A common animation task is to start a second TimeSensor clock after
a first TimeSensor clock finishes.

A hopefully easy way to do this would be to chain TimeSensors together,
in other words, have the completion of one interval ROUTEd to trigger
the start of the second clock.  This is particularly important for
single-shot clock animations.

the TimeSensor cycleTime field indicates the beginning of a new loop.
This is not the same as end of loop, which is what is needed for this

So don't authors need an end-of-cycle event for TimeSensor in X3D?

Should we add a cycleComplete (or somesuch) field to TimeSensor?

p.s. we have come up with a prototype to deal with this missing
It's called TimeDelaySensor and works well.  But I'd think that adding
prototypes is a bit involved for such a common task, particularly if you
want to do it using lightweight/mobile Interactive profile.

	Time Delay Sensor Example
	Time Delay Sensor Prototype

What do other scene authors think?  Thanks for considering this question.

all the best, Don
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