[X3D-Public] Network distributed sceens.

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Wed Oct 14 14:39:15 PDT 2009

Welcome back Sven-Erik,

You are probably referring to the NetworkSensor node that
was originally proposed by Chris Thorne back in 2007. You
will find much of the relevant details on this page:


As far as implementation, I believe BS Contact has
implemented it for use with their MU server.  I also suspect
Vivaty (formally Flux) might not be too far from it (since
Tony has taking part in the effort) but I am not sure of any
details here either.


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>Geeting back to "life" after some sickess in the family for
>Having a interest in distribulted sceens / spaces.
>What are the current status in this functions.
>/Sven-Erik Tiberg
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