[X3D-Public] X3D on iPhone

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Tue Oct 20 13:46:30 PDT 2009


On 20-Oct-09, at 4:01 PM, Charles Lamb wrote:

> What is the status of implementing an X3D browser on the iPhone?   
> Did Fraunhofer ever release their app?  Is Planet 9 using their own  
> browser?

We now have an IPhone in-house, and are getting one of the new 3G iPod  

The FreeWRL/FreeX3D needs a bit of re-coding to support OpenGL-ES  
(and, OpenGL-3.1).  This has been on-going as a "second priority" task  
for a while now. I expect that after our Windows port is out and  
running well, and the HTML5 work is well in hand, then work will start  
in earnest on porting FreeWRL/FreeX3D to such devices.

It has been interesting reading through the development docs; and our  
resident "human interface"  expert (Dr. Sylvie Noel) has been integral  
in pushing for the iPhone/iPod Touch in-house.

I will not give an estimated timeframe; lets just see what happens by  
the new year.

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