[X3D-Public] request agenda time to present X3D summary at HTML5 TPAC meeting

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Oct 26 09:02:08 PDT 2009

Paul Cotton wrote:
>  > Please advise if we can get on the HTML5 agenda.  Thanks for 
> considering the possibilities.
> Sam and I agree that this would be a good topic for joint discussion at 
> the HTML WG F2F meeting. 
> Could we do this from 9am-10am on Fri Nov 6?  Note that we have a hard 
> stop at 10am due to another joint meeting (with TC39).

Outstanding - thanks very much, this is great.  We are happy to accept.
John Stewart, Joe Williams and I will be there throughout.  Group reaction
and discussion will be most helpful as we try to best align X3D with HTML5.

If there are others with specific presentations regarding 3D with HTML5,
it would be helpful to trade notes beforehand so that we can consider
points in detail.  That way our collective time on this topic will be
most effective.

All feedback welcome.  Our working group efforts and slideset points remain
public at


all the best, Don
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