[X3D-Public] HTML5 X3D integration meeting minutes, October 27 2009

John A. Stewart astewart at crc.ca
Tue Oct 27 09:35:24 PDT 2009

What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting October 27 2009
present: 	John Stewart, Joe Williams,Johannes Behr, Don Brutzman,  
Anita Havelle.

Web page: 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5
Toll-free phone: 877 929 9843
Toll-fee phone: 1-210-301-4738
Passcode: 831186#


Comment: Johannes: WebGL is a programming interface; does not allow  
you to declare your content like you have in HTML.

Comment: we are looking for "deeper" integration with HTML5 than with  
what you can get today with current HTML.

For TPAC presentation; Don to slides; JohnS to do demos.

*** Meet again 12:00 EST on this coming Friday *** ( in your timezone:  
1 hour later than regularly scheduled HTML5 Tuedsay meeting)

Discussion revolved around HTML5 Slides  and examples for TPAC. No  
conversations are recorded here, as much of the discussions went on  
WIKI page, and in actions outlined below:


ACTION - JohnS to get PowerPoint running on Apple OSX laptop, as a  
backup for TPAC demo (not apple Keynote.)

ACTION - Don review and add examples to Powerpoint slides. Ensure  
slides work as expected on Powerpoint natively. Don will take charge  
of Powerpoint slides.

ACTION - JohnS to get Johannes' example Javascript code working on  
Apple laptop for TPAC demo.

ACTION - Joe, Johannes, Don: ensure WIKI has sequence of examples.
(wiki page being updated)

Johannes: Web site and blog:  http://x3dom.igd.fraunhofer.de/wordpress/

ACTION - all - review Johannes' X3Dom portal for correct statements.


Old Action Items:


Sept 15 2009:

1) ACTION: (Sept 15 2009) Don - we do not have a target namespace. In  
XML schema, ACTION - investigate whether name space declaration in x3d  
schema is satisfactory.

(Oct 1):
Progress: Got part way into that; not sure about a few things. Leave open.

3) ACTION: (Sept 15 2009) populate examples (all)

(Oct 1):
Don - Johannes can we use one/some of your examples?? Just to show  
where we are thinking. Mixed namespace - can be an inline node, maybe  
with some shape with a text.

Don - keep the X3D small, so that focus is on showing integration.

(Oct 20): In progress; Johannes and his group are preparing samples as  
part of their coding work.

(Oct 26) more work on examples, for TPAC meeting. Example types will  
be solid for TPAC meeting November 4-6.

4) ACTION: (Oct 01 2009) Don - We will refresh the showcase DVD; will  
print 100 copies so people can send stuff to showcase by 23 October.

5) ACTION: (Sept 23 2009) Joe - look at making some X3D examples; we  
have some good examples on our main wiki page; if you can lay out svg  
examples, and make equivalent x3d specs.

(Oct 1 2009):
Don: eg, a simple "Hello World" example a natural progression from  
HTML - <Object> example, to embedded <X3D>

Don: Constructing coresponding examples in SVG and MAthML to hammer  
home that we are really doing the same thing.

6) ACTION: (Oct 01 2009) All: next week to work on presentation for TPAC.

7) ACTION : give info to anita so she can put something out on the  
web3d site concerning HTML5 integration.

8) ACTION: is WebGL specified on slideset properly? We have a Chronos  
representative; we can ask them.
(Oct 20) Anita Havelle wrote the following, and received a reply from  
Alan Hudson, October 14, 2009 5:03PM EST:

9) ACTION: (Oct 20 2009) Don Brutzman to email and request time at the  
TPAC HTML5 meeting to present our work.

10) ACTION: (Oct 20 2009) JohnS to Powerpoint slides for TPAC meeting.

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