[X3D-Public] Fog "visibilityRange"

Alexander Dong Back Kim alexdbkim at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 05:18:24 PDT 2009

Hi all again,

I just want to check with you whether this is correct or not. In the
specification, it says...

Fog : X3DBindableNode, X3DFogObject {
  SFBool   [in]     set_bind
  SFColor  [in,out] color           1 1 1    [0,1]
  SFString [in,out] fogType         "LINEAR" ["LINEAR"|"EXPONENTIAL"]
  SFNode   [in,out] metadata        NULL     [X3DMetadataObject]
  SFFloat  [in,out] visibilityRange 0        [0,∞)
  SFTime   [out]    bindTime
  SFBool   [out]    isBound

The initialization of the visibilityRange sets the SFFloat's minimum and
maximum value range as from 0 to positive infinite. However, X3DFogObject's
specification clearly shows that...

X3DFogObject {
  SFColor  [in,out] color           1 1 1    [0,1]
  SFString [in,out] fogType         "LINEAR" ["LINEAR"|"EXPONENTIAL"]
  SFFloat  [in,out] visibilityRange 0        [0,-∞)

it is 0 to negative infinite. I guess it's a typo since it should've
annotated as "(-∞, 0]" instead if it really meant it. I know some of you
might have been bothered because I keep asking tiny little things here but
since I'm seriously mastering X3D, please forgive me if you've been. Could
anyone please kindly clarify which one is really correct? Really appreciate
further answers.

Thank you very much again.

Alexander Dong Back Kim
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